We want IMPACT!

Shortages of skilled workers are felt everywhere. A crucial problem, because these are the people who take care of the fundamentals. We at IMPACT are 100% aware of the bigger picture: this is about the whole of society. Only if we fill in the gaps that occur and with a drastic change, we will have to wait less time for our products, houses and the end of the road works.

Without professionals everything comes to a standstill

It all starts with respect for professionals, because without them everything comes to a standstill. IMPACT strives to a reassessment of craftsmanship whereby inclusion and diversity are simply obvious. We do that by working on five crystal-clear ambitions every single day.


Wanted #1: respect for craftsmanship

'Hands' also have and need 'knowledge'. IMPACT wants more awareness and acceptance of the importance of workers and technicians for our society. The better that awareness and the greater that acceptance, the more respect there will be for the people who fill these jobs.

Then we will have more people with talent who can fill bottleneck jobs and who will be happy with the appreciation they get for their work. Then the foundations will be laid, then society can continue to function.


Wanted #2: young people with a TSO or BSO education

Many parents believe that their children are better off with general high school degrees, so they can continue their studies afterwards, and they look too little into the options in construction and technical education. 'Smart' does not automatically mean ‘high school'. IMPACT wants to put an end to this hierarchy between knowledge jobs and technical jobs or jobs with a focus on manual work. And that starts in education.

If, when choosing a course of study, more consideration is given to the talents of young people, and especially those talents that give them the greatest satisfaction, we will see more young people going on to technical and vocational courses.


Wanted #3: handy, technical women

We must put an end to the 'male' image of the sector. Jobs in construction and technical professions can just as easily be filled by women, and yet that happens too little today. Gender diversity in our sector is hard to find and that's a ridiculous stagnation. We know that women are just as capable as men in technical professions.

IMPACT wants more women in construction and technical jobs, with more role models for young girls, who can then choose what they really want and who want to be able to make something just as much as boys.

Jobs in andere domeinen

Wanted #4: experienced over-50s

How is it even possible that in a market with so many labour shortages, perfectly qualified people are being left on the sidelines? Job applicants who are 50+ face persistent prejudice just like women. "Are they capable of doing the job?"

IMPACT wants to refute the clichés and proactively present strong over-50s to employers. People over 50 have thirty years of experience, know better than anyone what they want and what is important to them. That is worth gold in any business.


Wanted #5: newcomers with talent

Many newcomers to our country enter our labour market with a diploma or experience in construction and technical professions, but they do not end up in the many open jobs. There are still too many high thresholds for them and for their potential employers that we want to lower together.

We think this is a waste of talent. Because in the meantime, construction sites or machines are at a standstill. IMPACT wants to build bridges for newcomers and we have been doing this successfully for years.


We believe in professionals and we will do anything for them.

We want to measure a decrease in the open vacancies, the rest must grow. The entire IMPACT team is working on these five ambitions every day, but we also want to be an inspiration to others.

We can only change this by working on several fronts. We believe in professionals and we will do anything for them. Therefore, these are our values:


Everyone counts equally to us. Inclusion and diversity are self-evident for us. We pay extra attention to active integration of non-native speakers and newcomers, women and the over-50s, so that they can do their jobs well in a safe environment.


We build bridges and create puzzles that fit, based on the extensive know-how we have built up since 1999, and our desire to keep searching until we are satisfied: the right person for the job and the right job for the person. 


We are attentive, listen and have an eye for detail. We do not stand still. We detect problems and constantly look for new solutions.

Super pro

All our employees are experienced, motivated, hard workers who throw themselves into their challenges every day.


We achieve our goals and are proud of our results. We always strive for the highest quality.