Stansoperator in Wetteren

As a die-cutting machine operator, you make sure the cardboard boxes are cut to size. You are right in the middle of the production process between the printers and the folding-glue operators. 

Whatever your identity or your beliefs: at IMPACT, we feel strongly that we can all be successful. Diversity and inclusion are crucial to us: you, as a unique individual, are central to everything we do.
Permanent employment after interim
Full time
2-shift work
10 - 49 employees

The job

Your tasks

You will get complete responsibility over your machine (Bobst/Iberica) during your shift. Which tasks are you going to complete:

  • You set up the machine according to the production instructions and specifications
  • You adjust during the process, where needed 
  • During production, you keep an eye on the efficiency of the process and quality of the product, by doing inspections regularly
  • Your goal is to produce conform products, at maximum speeds, with minimal wastage 
  • You are also responsible for the cleaning of your workpost
  • You do preventive maintenance on the equipment 
  • Together with your supervisor and/or the technical team, you solve any technical issues that might occur
Working hours
  • Full time


  • Fully legal employment according to Belgian law, among which: social security, health insurance, building up the right for a Belgian pension
  • Attractive salary depending on your skills and experience.
  • High quality accommodations standards: furnished accommodation with single rooms, water & gas & electricity included and unlimited internet (~ weekly fee in line with the market prices)
  • Refund of transport cost to Belgium up to €125 after four work weeks
  • End of year bonus - 8,33% of gross yearly salary
  • Holiday bonus - 15,38% of gross yearly salary
  • Transportation provided (depending on your distance from accommodation)
  • Personal guidance from our multilingual team

Your profile

This is what you need
  • You have at least some previous experience with operating Bobst, or similar die-cutting machines 
  • You have a strong basic understanding of the technology 
  • Your English is at a good communicative level
  • You are able to work fully independently (after a few weeks of training)
  • You are looking for a long-term employment (fixed contract after 1-1.5 years)
  • You are well-organized
  • You pay a lot of attention to detail 
  • You have the ability to work for 8+ hours standing up


This is how you score extra points
  • Quick availability
  • Sector knowledge
  • Relevant work experience

The company


Your new employer is a company that specialises in the paper industry. They have multiple location throughout Europe. At the plant where you will be working, boxes for the transport of fresh fruit, vegetables and other food stuff are produced. 


10 - 49 employees

  • Sector leader
  • Innovative company
  • Family athmosphere
  • Work materials/equipment
Your contract
  • Permanent employment after interim

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Why work in Belgium?
A good salary with great benefits

In addition to a challenging position, you will also enjoy the many socioeconomic benefits of the Belgian labour market.

Social security

As a temporary worker, you can take advantage of Belgium’s extensive social security system and good benefits.

Personal guidance

A personal coach will help you during your trip and after you arrive in Belgium and will serve as your primary contact for any questions you have.

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Stansoperator in Wetteren


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