Billboard Keyserlei Antwerpen Ver

Your skills are irreplaceable.

From June 1 to 12, you could see this billboard on the Keyserlei in Antwerp. A big nod to new technologies and in particular AI. However the potential of AI is enormous, the skills of crafts(wo)men are irreplaceable. We should think about that more often.

Do you want a job in Belgium where you get the appreciation and the respect that you deserve?


A good salary and great benefits

You get the opportunity to pursue a professional career in Belgium. In addition to a challenging position, you can also enjoy the socioeconomic benefits of the Belgian labour market.

  • An attractive hourly wage
  • Fringe benefits such as meal vouchers, premiums and commuting reimbursement

Social security

As a temporary employee, you can take advantage of Belgium's extensive social security system and appealing social and financial benefits.

  • Health insurance and leave benefits
  • Child benefits for each child
  • Seniority and pension accrual
Polish employee in Belgium

Support before and after you arrive in Belgium

Working in another country can be daunting. A personal coach will help you before and after you arrive in Belgium and will serve as your primary contact for any questions you may have.

  • Housing
  • Paperwork
  • Transport

Find your next job in Belgium in five steps


You can submit an open application or apply for a specific technical or construction job.


We will carefully review your application and look for an excellent match.

Skype meeting

Once we've found you a match, we’ll call you for a meeting and possibly also a test.

You got the job!

Are you and the client both happy? Great! You got the job and are coming to Belgium.

Practical matters

An IMPACT colleague will arrange all practical matters on your behalf.

Talented experts, just like you

Get inspired by the stories of other international experts who found work in Belgium via IMPACT.

Marek - Furniture painter
Piotr - Kitchen worktop maker

I feel like IMPACT is genuinely interested in me as a person and how I feel, both in and outside the workplace.

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IMPACT’s communication and approach were on another level.

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