Meet Marek, Furniture painter

Marek has lived in Belgium for five years now. He spent the first four years working as an entrepreneur before choosing to find interim work through IMPACT this year. As a furniture finisher, he adds the final touch to things like wardrobes, cupboards, chairs and kitchen accessories – a job he absolutely loves.

Marek was born in Poland, where he gained professional experience as a furniture finisher. After fifteen years in the profession, he was ready for a new challenge. He decided to follow in the footsteps of many of his countrymen and head to London to pursue is career.

Home away from home

About five years ago, Marek decided to end his British adventure. ‘I moved to Belgium and ran my own company in Aartselaar. Despite working as an entrepreneur in Belgium for the past few years, I only became a temporary worker through IMPACT in 2021. In fact, this is my first contracted job in Belgium. Just like in Poland and England, my job here is to varnish furniture like tables, chairs and wardrobes. I can draw from years of experience while continuing to improve my skills every day. I’m very happy with the job.’

Marek feels at home in Belgium. ‘Compared to Poland, everything is better for me here: the salary, the working conditions and life in general. Poles and Belgians aren't that different. Belgians are friendly, good-natured and always willing to help. Belgium is also a country of diversity. While London is an incredible city, I also love the beautiful beach in Ostend, the history and culture in Antwerp and the war monuments in Ieper. And at least they drive on the right side of the street here!’

Warm welcome in Gdansk

Marek doesn’t regret his decision to move to Belgium, but what led him to contact IMPACT? After England, he returned briefly to Poland, where he started looking online for a new job. During his search, he discovered IMPACT's Polish branch. ‘I stopped by the office in Gdansk, where I was warmly welcomed. The Polish IMPACT employees helped me find a suitable job in Belgium.’

Immediately after hearing the good news, Marek was put in touch with Joanna, one of our experienced colleagues in Belgium. ‘Our communication was great from the start. She told me exactly what I should bring with me from Poland. Since I arrived in Belgium, I can contact her if I have any questions or if I have a minor problem with the apartment. She’s always there, no matter the issue. What’s more, she speaks Polish. With no language barrier getting in the way, communication is even easier.’

Happy in and outside the workplace

The excellent guidance and support makes Marek feel confident both in and outside the workplace. ‘Immediately after I arrived, I could move into a beautiful new apartment. I feel like IMPACT goes above and beyond and is genuinely interested in me as a person and how I feel. I noticed this during the application process and still see it today.’

Marek would prefer to spend the next few years in Belgium. ‘This is my first temporary job, but I’m really enjoying it. I have no problem with my one-year or with working as a temporary employee. If my employer is satisfied with my work, my contract will be extended. They may even offer me a permanent contract, which I would definitely consider. I’m extremely satisfied with my choice for both IMPACT and Belgium and would definitely recommend other specialists follow in my footsteps.’

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