Receiving and transferring money

IMPACT pays your salary on a weekly basis. You decide if you want to use your existing bank account or if you want to open a Belgian bank account once you've been registered with the city or the municipality.

IDM coach

We can help you open a bank account

If you prefer to open a Belgian bank account, we can help you take the steps to apply at your preferred bank. This will avoid administrative costs and delayed payment of your wages. You will also receive a pay slip every week.

Receiving money

IMPACT will deposit your salary into your new bank account.

Transferring money

With a Belgian bank account, it's easy to transfer money to your family or relatives back home.

Download the app

All Belgian banks have a useful app that makes it easy to manage your transactions.

Paper work

We help you with your paperwork

Your personal recruitment coach will not only help you open a bank account, he or she will also help you with administration and paperwork. This includes helping you get registered in your new city, submitting social security documents and applying for health insurance.

Experts, just like you

Get inspired by the stories of other international experts who found work in Belgium via IMPACT.

Marek - Furniture painter
Piotr - Kitchen worktop maker

I feel like IMPACT is genuinely interested in me as a person and how I feel, both in and outside the workplace.

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IMPACT’s communication and approach were on another level.

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